Member of the Month

WIMOs celebrates one or two members each month with a unique or inspiring career experience. Click here to recommend someone for this honor!

April 2020: Celebrating All Members Who Keep Cargo Flowing During the Pandemic Crisis

March 2020: WIMOs Secretaries

February 2020: Eileen Provins of Campbell Transportation

January 2020: Darlene Valdez of Turn Services

December 2019: Klara Bartels of ADM

November 2019: The Women of Living Lands & Waters

Congratulations to our November member of the month: Living Lands & Waters!

We chose to highlight the wonderful ladies of LL&W for our members of the month in November. These women work tirelessly to keep our inland waterways clean—to protect the environment and therefore to keep us able to transport using these rivers. We are grateful to them for the work that they do, and we’ve enjoy working with them in the fall for the past two years on the Ohio River. Here is some advice:

Tammy Becker: I think anyone that has spent as much time picking up garbage on the river would advise everyone to be conscious consumers. One thing I’ve noticed in my 17 years is how the garbage has changed. When I first started, we weren’t really sold pop and water in 20 oz plastic bottles. But now, it’s the most common thing we find. If we didn’t have them, our rivers would be SO MUCH CLEANER! We’re taught reduce-reuse-recycle like it’s a circle but really it’s a hierarchy and reducing our waste is more important and impactful than recycling—though recycling is undoubtedly better than landfilling.

Leah Cafarelli: REDUCE YO WASTE! I am a minimalist but really learned how important it is to reduce our waste through this job. I’ve saved a lot of money and reduced my footprint by not buying things I don’t need including clothes, trinkets, and most things plastic

Kasey Eckstein: Find a job that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

Rachel Loomis: Show the world what you have as a woman! 🙂 Connect with your local community and share with them what you do for your job every day. It’s an awesome thing to see people’s eyes light up when you tell them that you work in the maritime industry as a woman, and that they can do the same thing too.

Crystal Milburn: Skip the straw, bring reusable bags to the store, keep silverware in your purse and dance whether anyone is looking or not!! Also, don’t come to work sick. 

October 2019: Victoria Rotman with Turn Services

Congratulations to our WIMOs Member of the month for October, Victoria Rotman with Turn Services!

“I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Loyola University in 2009. I then worked in the Restaurant Industry while also teaching painting classes. I moved into the corporate offices in the restaurant industry and then I got the chance to work for Turn Services. I came aboard in 2016, completely green in the maritime industry, as an administrative assistant and have transitioned to Human Resources Assistant. I have been with Turn Services for a little over 3 years. As HR Assistant, I help with any HR tasks including hiring, recruiting, benefits, uniforms, training, etc. I work very closely with the operations and training departments. I communicate with employees both in the field and in the office on a daily basis. My favorite part of the Maritime industry is the changeability and adaptability. No two days are the same, which can be stressful at times but it also keeps things interesting and I have such an incredible team to work with. I would advise people in the industry to converse with as many people as you can in the industry. There is such an interesting and diverse group of people working on the river who have so many stories and so much information to share.”

September 2019: Kenya Nixon of Cooper Consolidated

Kenya worked as an EMT for eight years and spent 13 years as a safety manager or director in construction, heavy civil, and utilities before joining the maritime industry in 2018. Her passion for safety is forefront in everything she does, from training others in first aid to implementing her company’s goal of Do No Harm. Kenya’s job is to coordinate and investigate all loss and accident investigations with the stevedoring division at Cooper Consolidated. Kenya holds bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and occupational safety and health. She also holds certifications/licenses in EMT, GSP, COSS, CSST, ASHM, AHA CPR/BLS Instructor, and in multiple OSHA and competent person courses. She believes “education should never stop” and is currently preparing for the CSP exam through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and exploring master’s degrees in occupational safety.

August 2019: Eunice Ratcliff and Holly Normand of Ingram Barge

Video: Eunice and Holly Ingram Barge from Ingram Barge Company.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to learn about what these women do day to day from our newsletter, check out the above video.

Eunice and Holly started at different places but both rose to leadership at Ingram. Eunice has 25 years in the industry with a USCG 1600-ton master’s license. She started form the bottom, cleaning barges, welding, and working as a deck hand. She advanced from Pilot to Captain through her career.

Holly started in customer service at Ingram out of college, and has moved through various roles including operations and logistics management throughout her career.