About WIMOs

Who are we?

WIMOs stands for Women in Maritime Operations and was founded in 2017 to bring together women working in operations roles within the maritime industry. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. While WIMOs was started in the New Orleans area, we already have presences in over a dozen US states with official chapters Southern Louisiana, Western Kentucky, and Houston, with budding chapters the Ohio River Valley and the Pacific Northwest. WIMOs is a networking organization that also gives our women opportunities for additional training and volunteer work. WIMOs women have a wide variety of experience inland and offshore and in many industries including oil and gas, coal, grain, EH&S, vessel logistics/services, barge logistics/services, and much more.

What do we do?

Here are some of our most popular events:

For a video that goes more in depth about WIMOs, please click here.

Our Executive Board: